Executive Summary

This company has offices throughout the country, moving thousands of pounds of freight every week. They found themselves working with multiple brokers to cover all their shipping needs. This system fostered a tedious and time-consuming workflow for staff. There had to be a better option.


The Challenge

The Company needed a partner that could streamline their supply chain. Their current system relied mostly on spot quotes for all FTL shipments. In addition, the company was posting loads across multiple boards and broker agencies. The phone calls, emails, and logins to multiple sites created a slow-moving, time-consuming process. Rate offers were taking almost 48 hours to get back, and just as much time if a negotiation needed to take place.

“We just want to move the load with the rate and the budget. It shouldn’t be this complicated.

The company’s management began searching for an all-in-one solution for combining big management, load tracking, carrier communication, and document storage and processing.



How Cargobot Helped

Cargobot’s innovative platform provided a suite of easy-to-use tools for unifying all shipping needs. Multiple load postings took only minutes, and quote reviews were almost instant. Shipment bookings dropped to hours instead of days.

Real-time load tracking and communication tools ensured instant updates on all shipments in progress. All these features were 100% free and constantly updated by Cargobot’s development team.

The Company was thrilled by the one-to-one dedicated customer service every step of the way. A dedicated customer service associate was ready to answer any questions or concerns.

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Cargobot's technology and support are changing
the way shippers more freight. 

Just some of the benefits they’ve found essential included:

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Transparent Fees 

Cargobot lets carriers bid directly for each job, so you’re seeing the best possible prices. The carrier pays a flat fee of the booked load, meaning no extra costs to you.



Simple Load Posting & Management 

Posting new loads into our system offers several time-saving features, including multiple pick-ups and delivery destinations, adding lumper fees, trailer type, commodity, weight, and required pick-up and dropoff dates. Whenever you fill out a load in Cargobot, you’ll have the option to save them for easy posting later. Once your load is posted, our system does the rest.


One Place for All Documentation

View and store all documents electronically through the Cargobot portal, including BOLs, PODs, and rate confirmations in real-time as the process is happening. All documentation is stored in one place for ease of access specific to each load.

Insurance to Cover the Unexpected

Cargobot provides comprehensive risk insurance for our partners from All Risk Insurance in the event of lost cargo or damages that the motor carrier has not paid.
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Dedicated Customer Support

Each company is assigned a dedicated Customer Service Associate who is ready to support you, no matter the situation. Have a question or concern? Support is available 24/7.