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Transform Your Freight Business with the Cargobot Pool Co-Brokerage Platform

Experience digitally empowered PTL solutions for more efficient cargo space sharing, sales expansion, and digital innovation

Cargobot Pool aims to digitally disrupt the refrigerated and dry partial truckload (PTL) business by revolutionizing how shipments are consolidated.

Cargobot Pool works with brokers through a co-brokerage partnership, providing them access to a platform that enables efficient and cost-effective consolidation of PTL freight.

Key Benefits of

Cargobot Pool


Co-Brokerage Agreement

Cargobot Pool establishes a co-brokerage agreement with brokers, outlining expectations and offering protection and transparency. 


This transparent partnership allows brokers to leverage the platform's capabilities and benefit from streamlined partial truckload (PTL) consolidation services, driving digital transformation in the industry while ensuring the utmost privacy and data protection.


Digital Consolidation

The platform digitally consolidates dry, refrigerated, and frozen shipments from multiple brokers into one full truckload. 


By optimizing capacity utilization through intelligent algorithms, Cargobot Pool reduces transportation costs and disrupts traditional LTL operations while maintaining the privacy and security of each broker's shipment data.


Operational Efficiency

Brokers can outsource their operational costs by relying on Cargobot Pool's experienced operations staff to handle the complexities of PTL consolidation.


This strategic partnership lets brokers focus on sales and customer relationships while Cargobot Pool handles logistics.


Sales Expansion

Cargobot Pool acts as a capacity vehicle, empowering brokerages to offer PTL services to their customers without significant investments in infrastructure. 


By partnering with Cargobot Pool, smaller brokers can leverage the platform's capabilities and expand its service offerings, enhancing their competitive edge in the market.


Privacy and Confidentiality

Cargobot Pool prioritizes the privacy and confidentiality of brokers' data and shipment information. The platform employs stringent measures to securely store and restrict access to sensitive information, ensuring that only authorized parties can access it. 


Unauthorized sharing or disclosure of broker data is strictly prohibited, eliminating the risk of unintended double brokerage and safeguarding the privacy of brokers' operations.

The Cargobot Pool Broker Co-Brokerage Platform disrupts the traditional PTL business model

Through truck space sharing and business cooperation, the platform offers brokers a transformative solution that drives operational efficiency, expands sales opportunities, and unleashes the full potential of digital disruption in the freight industry, all while safeguarding the privacy and security of their information.

Fuel Your Business Growth


Cargobot Pool's co-brokerage PTL model benefits brokers of all types


Small and Mid-sized Brokers

Smaller and mid-sized brokers often face challenges in competing with larger players due to limited resources and infrastructure. By participating in the co-brokerage PTL model, these brokers can access the Cargobot Pool platform and leverage its capabilities to offer PTL services to their customers without significant investments in infrastructure.

This enables them to expand their service offerings, tap into new markets, and compete more effectively.


Niche Brokers

Brokers specializing in specific industries or niche markets can benefit from the co-brokerage PTL model by leveraging the ability to consolidate refrigerated or dry shipments that align with their specific products.

This consolidation streamlines operations and enhances their overall service.


Regional Brokers

Through this model, regional brokers can share truck space with brokers from different regions, enabling them to consolidate shipments across broader territories.

By participating in the platform, these brokers can expand their reach, extend their shipping capacity, and tap into new markets, promoting overall operational efficiency and enhancing their service offerings.


Brokers Seeking Operational Efficiency

Brokers looking to streamline their operations and reduce operational costs can benefit from the co-brokerage PTL model.

By outsourcing their operational tasks, such as consolidation and logistics, to the experienced operations staff of Cargobot Pool, brokers can focus more on sales, customer relationships, and business growth while ensuring that their shipments are efficiently consolidated and delivered.


Brokers Seeking Technology Advancements

Brokers who recognize the value of embracing digital transformation can benefit from the co-brokerage PTL model offered by Cargobot Pool.

The platform provides brokers access to advanced technology tools and algorithms for efficient shipment consolidation. By adopting such technology advancements, brokers can enhance their operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and stay competitive in the evolving freight industry.

Cargobot Pool:

Disrupting the Traditional PTL Business Model

By participating in this model, brokers can unlock new opportunities, expand their service offerings, and drive growth in their businesses.

Start benefiting from more efficient and cost-effective consolidation of PTL freight.