Harness the Power of Real-Time Cold Freight Consolidation

  • Is your current method for finding experienced freight-carriers is just not cutting it?

  • Can't find more cost-effective ways to move my refrigerated loads?

  • Embarrassed about losing money from overbooking trucks to move PTL freight?

Cargobot Pool helps you improve your freight speed and efficiency with our cutting-edge routing and scheduling software that optimizes your transportation operations

Partner with us and let today's technology help you move dry, refrigerated, and frozen commodities more efficiently.

Are you a freight broker?

Cut down on expenses with the digital solution just for you.

Meet the More Cost-Effective Way to Move Your Partial Truckload Freight

If you need a much simpler system for finding vetted carriers, consolidating freight, and managing in-transit loads, Cargobot Pool can help.

We use digital technology to improve the entire transport process for PTL freight.

Worry less about unnecessary load damage or quick-decay product spoilage with our innovative load matching and merging system for dry, refrigerated, and frozen goods.

You'll gain more control over delivery times - all with lower shipping costs.


How it Works

Cargobot Pool digitally consolidates partial truckload freight for multiple users. We can help you combine dry, refrigerated, and frozen shipments into one full truckload.

This means faster, more predictable delivery times at a lower cost to you.

  • Our simple system finds and matches vetted carriers with shippers moving reefer, frozen, and dry cargo for deliveries with very minimal damage.
  • Keep track of your loads in transit from pickup to destination. See real-time incident notifications of your loads and easily communicate details for quicker problem solving.
  • We identify extra space in trucks and group similar shipments headed to similar destinations. Never lose money from overbooking trucks again!
  • Leverage a system that offers you faster and cheaper PTL shipping. Keep your profit margins healthy while remaining competitive and maintaining an edge in the freight industry.
Cargobot Pool is the digital shipping platform with:
A simple user interface
Easy-to-use invoice creation
Time-saving billing tools
All in one place.

What You Get with

Cargobot Pool


A Focused Solution for PTL Shipments

Cargobot Pool is the only solution on the market that offers real-time digital consolidation for your partial truckload freight. This means your product will spend less time in transit and face less potential for cross-docking

  • PTL shipments can be more efficiently consolidated and transported, resulting in 10-15% lower transportation costs!


Better Freight Consolidation = More Freight Movement

Our innovative algorithms consolidate shipments for you. You’ll move more loads and enjoy more optimized routes, all while enjoying lower shipping rate

  • PTL shipments are often simpler to track, leaving more time for shippers to speed up supply chain and logistics operations up to 15%.


Secure More Protection for Your Sensitive Freight

Dry and quick-decay products continually face two specific enemies: delivery speed and product handling.


Temperature-sensitive loads delivered quickly face fewer chances of spoilage. Dry loads face less risk of unnecessary damage thanks to reduced loading and unloading from truck to truck.

  • PTL shipments are subject to less handling, reducing damage and loss risk by up to 3%.


Access a Nationwide Network of Screened Carriers

Say goodbye to the time-consuming and inefficient task of manually searching for reliable PTL freight carriers.


Cargobot Pool's sophisticated matching software links you with the best carrier for your dry and refrigerated shipment requirements, ensuring on-time delivery at a competitive price. 

  • Save time and effort by accessing a next-generation network of experienced PTL freight carriers


Save More Time and Streamline your Operations

Cargobot Pool's platform digitizes and automates time-consuming aspects of your shipping operation. The result? You'll experience more collaboration between your sales, logistics, and transportation planning departments.

  • PTL shipments typically result in faster and more efficient deliveries, reducing transit times by up to 25%.


Make a Positive Impact on Our Global Climate

Cargobot Pool's technology cuts down one the number of vehicles needed to move dry and refrigerated products.This change results in a smaller carbon footprint for each load, making our solution more environmentally friendly than traditional PTL methods.

  • Reduce congestion at loading docks, slash fuel usage and emissions, and help us take action to preserve our planet.

Cargobot Pool:

The Next Standard of PTL Shipping 

The days of inefficient, product-damaging partial truckloads are numbered. Join the Cargobot Pool community today and take advantage of our innovative technology.

We'll help you move your product faster, safer, and at a lower cost.

Sign up now and start consolidating your PTL freight!