Executive Summary

This Company is a small firm in the United States focused on coordinating load deliveries by truck. Their biggest concern is finding and developing strong relationships with safe, reliable carriers. With so much shipment on the road at any given time, they need to ensure loads will reach their destination on time and intact.


The Challenge

The Company was struggling to connect with licensed, experienced truck drivers and build a list of reliable partners. They needed a platform where they could screen candidates for all desired qualifications BEFORE booking a load with them.

“We have to pick the carrier, the best carrier, not only because of their rep, but because of the kind of carrier that they are.”

The company’s owner conducted online research to find a service that could combine booking, tracking, and overseeing fleet management for a fair price.



How Cargobot Helped

The company found their all-encompassing solution in Cargobot. A demonstration of the company’s platform showed a thorough vetting process for all 10,000+ carriers listed for hire. Any truck driver’s certifications and proof of insurance were accessible with a simple click.

The Company was thrilled with the help they received from a dedicated customer service associate who was ready to answer any questions or concerns. They provided a full walkthrough of Cargobot’s digital platform and mobile app just for shippers. Access to the full platform was 100% free, making the decision to adopt Cargobot a quick one.

“It is so important for the shipper to see all the information about a carrier - from the name of the company to the proof of insurance and see their certifications. I respect this.”

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Cargobot's technology and support are changing
the way shippers more freight. 

The Company is thrilled to report Cargobot’s platform has revolutionized its carrier
screening process. Just some of the benefits they’ve found essential include:

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Access to a Large Carrier Network 

Cargobot’s database of over 18,000 licensed, certified carriers means they can find the right fit no matter where the load is headed.


A Wide Array of Equipment Types & Shipment Options 

Cargobot’s FTL carriers have the solutions you need, including flatbeds, dry vans, refrigerated trailers, and specialized equipment.


Licensed, Insured Carriers Every Time

We recruit carriers nationwide that are FMCSA compliant and ready to work with you. Easily view each driver’s licenses, certifications, and proof of insurance - right in your Cargobot account.

Insurance to Cover the Unexpected

Cargobot provides comprehensive risk insurance for our partners from All Risk Insurance in the event of lost cargo or damages that the motor carrier has not paid.
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Dedicated Customer Support

Each company is assigned a dedicated Customer Service Associate who is ready to support you, no matter the situation. Have a question or concern? Support is available 24/7.