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We’re always finding a better way to go direct. For everyone. That’s why we’ve placed
all the information and support you need, in one convenient place. Change is inevitable,
and the freight industry is no exception. Technology is transforming the landscape, and
here at Cargobot, we believe it can make people’s lives better. Better for both
shippers and carriers.
Below you’ll find all our content divided into three easy-to-navigate sections focused on
our brand, our technology, and our podcasts. Each resource gives you tools to succeed,
no matter your expertise - whether you're new to the freight industry or a seasoned pro.
Cargobot Academy will help you learn and grow your business, and we’ll be your partner
every step of the way!



Our Brand

To learn more about how we’re bringing meaningful change to the inland freight industry, check out our content below. Each resource reflects a commitment to our purpose as a company - to empower direct engagement. Cargobot Academy itself is designed to help everyone learn how to connect in a more meaningful way!
You’ll discover all about how Cargobot’s focus on technology, innovation, and customer service empowers our customers to find a better way to go. We’re not about maintaining the status quo; we’re changing the rules!

Why Cargobot?
Learn more about our company, technology,
and people

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Our Technology

Discover more about our innovative platform and its numerous benefits for both shippers and carriers. See step-by-step walkthroughs on using Cargobot’s service. Learn about the unique benefits we offer our users - all designed with efficiency and transparency at the forefront.
Our commitment to innovation means we’ll continue updating our knowledge base for everyone - shippers and carriers. So make sure to check back often for more great content!

Check back again for more amazing videos!


Our Podcasts

For an in-depth discussion on all things freight, including the industry outlook, technology’s changing role, and how Cargobot is breaking inefficiencies in the industry, check out our podcast episodes. Either watch or listen to any episode - we’ve made it versatile for you to enjoy and learn!
In the future, we’ll continue the conversation by discussing every facet of our industry, connecting directly with you about your interests and concerns. Stay tuned for more content produced
just for those that go!


The Global Picture

In our inaugural episode, we look at the global picture of today’s inland freight industry. Where is it now, and where is it heading? Most importantly, how can Cargobot impact this space?  

7m 27s



Streamline Your Operations With Cargobot

We sit down with Cargobot's Marketing Director, Paula Zuluaga, to discuss how Cargobot’s focus on technology and innovation can help you streamline your operations.

16m 27s



The State of Our Industry 

In this episode, we examine the current state of the freight industry and reveal how Cargobot aims to bring positive change to shippers and carriers by helping them go direct.

11m 37s



Breaking Inefficiencies for Shippers

Our discussion focuses on current inefficiencies carriers deal with. Then we examine how Cargobot can help people break through daily job frustrations and find a better way to do business.

7m 27s